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One of Granite Group's undisputed strengths is its team spirit. The company unites individual talents and brings their efforts together for the benefit of its clients. We are convinced that a strong team can do more and offer better service than any single adviser. For this reason, we always act as a team and offer our clients a service founded on a high degree of security and professionalism.
Granite Group's workforce is multilingual and multicultural, and has wide-ranging experience in different areas. The qualification common to all our employees is a proven track record with leading Swiss banks and, together, literally decades of experience in finance: in private banking and asset management, in trust and fiduciary services, and in corporate structuring.

As a Granite Group client, you can depend on our combined expertise, unusually high service standards, confidentiality and independence. We are not restricted to individual service providers, partners or products, and, in cooperation with a first-class network of experts, can provide you with the personalized solutions you require.

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